SunArx Solar Trackers

SunArx® trackers are mounting structures for solar panels with all the advantages of pole mounts, plus the increased production of tracking.  We understand that solar installers today demand maximum performance from components.  We invite you to compare the features of SunArx® trackers with any other mounting product on the market.

Universal Module compatibilty

Adjustable rail position plus sliding mounting clips equals compatibility with almost any conventional module. This allows lower cost and shorter lead times with no compromise on strength or ease of assembly.

10 year warranty on frame, 5 year warranty on actuator.

Compare to any other mounting system on the market.

No sensors

Light sensors can fail with time and are affected by adverse environmental conditions. That's why utlility scale trackers use timer-based controls - shouldn't yours?

Optimized actuator mounting

Welded trunnions mean no actuator clamp to loosen. Tracker frame geometry designed to minimize load on actuator. Actuator attachments are made with pins, not bolts that can loosen.

Made in USA

Frame, extrusions, control board, and actuator made in USA.

Control board can control up to 6 trackers.

Over 12kW can be mounted with one control board and power supply.

Easy Seasonal adjustment.

Elevation angle can be adjusted easily. Elevation positons are 15, 25, 35, 45, 55, and 65 degrees.

July 24, 2010 The T-21 is sold out and will be replaced with a larger capacity product soon.